Current City Projects

Stay informed about the current projects and studies initiated by the City Council.

Downtown Parking

City of Belmont plans for improving parking conditions downtown. 
  • City Hall Extension lot:  Construction of the City Hall extension lot (west of Main Street between the existing City Hall parking lot and the existing parking lot next to Cherub’s) was recently completed. The new public lot increased the parking supply with 22 new parking spaces. Restriping of the existing City Hall parking lot was also completed yielding 2 additional spaces. 
  • Glenway Lots:  The northern lot (East side of Glenway Street) has been leased by the City and surface improvments has been completed, adding 26 spaces to the public parking supply. 
  • Glenway Lots: the southern lot at Glenway Street (next to the railroad) has been contracted with a notice to proceed, June 5, 2017 for surface improvements and striping.  Total parking capacity will be 73.  
New lot