Please join us at the Belmont Genealogy Forum.

Day & Time
The Belmont Genealogy Forum meets every Tuesday from 1 to 3 p.m.

Programs are free and open to the public.
Family tree form that researchers can use to map recent ancestry
If you have questions, email the instructor, Jim Antley.

Meeting Structure
Each meeting will begin with a short session on a topic of general interest. The remainder of the meeting time will be open forum.

Open Forum
During the open forum, researchers can:
  • Answer questions
  • Ask questions
  • Recommend a favorite website or genealogy program
  • Share their successes
  • Talk about other topics of genealogical interest
  • Tell about their struggles
  • Research your ancestors and meet others who are doing research.
  • Uncover additional sources of genealogy information.
  • Learn more about free and paid genealogy websites.
  • Lean how others do research.
  • Get tips on searching for genealogy information.
  • Share what you discover.