Environmental Sustainability Board

  • Vacant, Chair
  • Marie Turner, Vice Chair
  • Joey Daily
  • Pamela Underwood
  • Jaime Emerson
  • Zane Andrews, Student Member
  • Vacant, Student Member
Purpose & Duties

The general purpose of the Environmental sustainability Board is to serve as an advisory committee to the City Council regarding environmental sustainability issues such as tree protection & urban forestry, recycling, and energy use. Their duties include:

  • Advise, deliberate and make recommendations to City Council on tree and urban forestry related matters, recycling, and energy use;and
  • Assist is the development and implementation of any ordinances, policies, or plans related to tree and urban forestry, recycling and energy use; and
  • Assist in the community outreach and public education related to urban forestry and environmental protection related matters; and
  • Assist in the planning of community events related to urban forestry and environmental protection.

Tree City USA
In 2016, Belmont was named a Tree City USA for the 9th year in a row.

More Information
For more information about the Environmental Sustainability Board, please email Melissa Lockamy.