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    New Smart Water Meter Installations are over 80% Complete

    We are right on schedule with our new high-tech water meter installation project. The next areas scheduled for installations are Eagle Park, Belmont Reserve, South Point Village, Stowe Pointe, Southwood Arms, Lake Point and Reflection Pointe (see map). Read on...
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    2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

    We are pleased to present to you this year's Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. This report is a snapshot of last year’s water quality. Read on...
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    Downtown Parking Survey

    Parking Survey results show need for additional parking in Downtown Belmont. Note: Since this survey was conducted the City has made improvements to existing lots, added an additional 46 spaces and work on the Glenway St lot planned to begin in June. Survey
  4. Downtown Parking Improvements

    GLENWAY STREET PARKING LOT PAVING IMPROVEMENTS are planned to begin in June with the construction period estimated to be 30 - 45 days and totaling 75 asphalt-paved parking spaces. Read on...
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    Comprehensive LUP Update - Stay Involved!

    The Comprehensive Land Use Plan is the city’s overarching planning document, presenting the community’s vision in sections that address land use, transportation, recreation, the natural environment, historic preservation, economic development, and more. Read on...
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